Why Do Migration Agent Fees Differ?

Posted on: 11 February 2015

Migration agents do not charge clients a standard fee for their services. This reality can be baffling to many people who do not take the trouble to find out why these differences exist. This article discusses some factors responsible for differences in the rates charged by different migration agents.

Type of Visa Applied For

The type of visa that you apply for affects the costs that the migration agent will incur as they process your application. For instance, the application fee for a student visa is different from the application fee for someone that wishes to enter the country in order to get married to a citizen. The difference in visa application fees causes the final amount each applicant is charged to be different.

Complexity of the Applicant's Circumstances

Some visa applicants have complex circumstances that will require additional input from a migration agent. For instance, an applicant may have recently abandoned a spouse, yet they would like to obtain a visa in order to get married again. Such an application requires additional paperwork to explain how the previous relationship ended so that immigration authorities are convinced that the applicant merits consideration. In such a case, the migration agent will charge another individual whose circumstances are devoid of any complications less than what he or she will charge you.

Migration Agent's Qualifications

Another reason why the fees charged by migration agents vary is that their qualifications and experience differ. For instance, a migration agent who has 30 years' experience will charge a higher fee than a migration agent who has just been registered and is still struggling to build a reputation for him or herself. You can get an idea of how experienced a migration agent is by looking at their registration number. The first two digits on that number tell you the year in which that agent was registered so you can tell for how many years they have been practicing. For instance, an MARN (migration agent registration number) of 0926731 tells you that the agent was registered in 2009, and they have been working since then.

You can see that many factors determine the fee that you will pay an immigration agent. Ask them to break down the different costs in that bill so that you can use that itemized statement to make a decision as to the fairness of the fee you are being charged. Compare the rates of different agents before you select one. For more information, contact a business such as OPTIMA MIGRATION.