Look For More Than Just Skill & Experience When Choosing Your Solicitor

Posted on: 12 February 2015

If you're a client looking for a solicitor, you need the very best of lawyers in your corner to stay ahead of your legal needs. As you go about looking for a winning solicitor with companies such as Walker Pender Group, remember to look out for more than just the usual skill and experience. Your relationship with a solicitor is a partnership that needs mutual understanding on how to handle cases. Read on to see how to achieve this when selecting your lawyer.

Ensure your solicitor understands your plight

For most legal problems like divorce, litigation or bankruptcy, you have to deal with a high-stakes situation. This, coupled with the emotional turmoil of possible loss in the case, makes every legal problem a do-or-die situation. It's important to get a solicitor that not only understands the facts of the case but also the situation you are in as a person.

One way to evaluate this is to gauge their response to your plight when you meet them for a consultation. Although solicitors have to listen to many cases each week, they still need to be alert to the emotional undertones of their case. This not only keeps them on their toes during the case period, it also affirm to you that you are both in the same page when it comes to which direction you want to proceed with.

Get a solicitor that seeks the same objective as you

The most important goal for your solicitor should be achieving your objective in the case. Different solicitors have different ways of going about solving cases. Some prefer litigation, others enjoy a bare-knuckled legal brawl while others would prefer to stick to mediation and an out of court settlement. Ensure that your solicitor can handle the matter at hand the way you would like it handled.

Often, the best method is mediation and out of court settlement. Solicitors who are out for a fight may end up complicating the matter at hand, be it a business transaction or a child custody process. In the same breath, ensure your solicitor is able to offer firm professional direction on the best approach to take and not just waiting for your cue.

Considering that most client-solicitor pair-ups last for weeks or even moths, having a solicitor who understands your plight and is ready to fulfill your goals will make the working relationship cordial all through. That, plus experience and skill will ensure that your corner emerges successful in any legal challenge you're faced with.