Five Types Of Lawyers You Need To Know

Posted on: 17 February 2015

Lawyers are involved with legal matters that may arise due to a number of reasons from family issues to business trouble or even injuries. You should be informed on the kinds of lawyers that exist. Here is a list of some that you may have to cross paths with.

Wills and estate lawyer

This kind of lawyer will guide you through the process of planning your estates and writing your will to avoid problems and family fights over your assets. Having no will makes it very difficult for your family to receive the assets; the process may take longer and even attract a lot of taxes. Wills and estate lawyers assist in preventing such occurrences.

Contract law attorney

These lawyers assist in everyday contracts, which are prevalent in today's society whether you are getting a car or buying a cellphone. Consult such a lawyer when you are in doubt about a particular contract or if something goes wrong about the agreement.

Personal injury lawyer

These lawyers are specialists in cases where you obtained a personal injury as a result of someone else's mistakes. Injuries can be a cause of great financial shortcomings in addition to the physical and mental stress they bring. So if a company or person imposes physical damage to you that may cause you not to continue with your normal way of life, then a personal injury lawyer is your best option.

Worker's compensation attorney

Being injured when working requires that you be insured and compensated accordingly, especially if it was because of the company's negligence. You can also choose to sue the company or employer, and such a lawyer will help you organise your insurance proceedings and even represent you in case of a suit.

Product liability lawyer

This is the lawyer to call when a certain product causes you harm. All products made by manufacturers are supposed to be safe for use as intended, and if any products, for instance a skin cream reacts badly with your skin, injures you, then you are liable to sue the company. A product liability lawyer will help you with all the legal requirements and build the case for you.

Lawyers may be the helping hand when caught in a situation that requires legal intervention. Before getting a lawyer, however, ensure you understand the lawyer's capabilities and their rates. You can ask their previous clients and check their reputation to ensure that you know what kind of an attorney you are dealing with.