The Different Types Of Crime That A Criminal Lawyer Can Help You With

Posted on: 25 February 2015

Are you looking for a lawyer and are considering to hire a criminal lawyer, but don't know if they are the type to choose for your case? By finding out more regarding what criminal lawyers do, you can make the right choice when hiring a lawyer. Here is a list of the common scenarios in which a criminal law specialist is most applicable.

Fraud And Theft

When property is illegally taken, then it is considered to be either theft or fraud – depending on how exactly it was taken. The seriousness of such cases depends on the value of the goods that were taken. The higher the value the more serious the punishment will be. Also, the method that was used to take the property will play a role in determining the punishment. Fraud is defined as the use of deception to retrieve money from a victim. If you find yourself being charged with fraud, then a criminal lawyer is your best bet for a solid defense.

Property Crime

The most common types of property crime that a criminal lawyer can help you with include vandalism, breaking and entering, arson and burglary. The seriousness and level of punishment for damage-type crime, where nothing is stolen, will depend on the value of the damage caused. If entry into a building was performed then the method used to get inside will play a role in determining a punishment.

Crime Against People

If you have intentionally taken action to harm someone, then you have performed a crime against a person. A criminal lawyer can defend you in such a case. Factors such as how intentional the act was, the circumstances of the motives, and the degree of bodily harm will play a role in determining the sentence. The defense might be setup by the criminal lawyer by highlighting factors that show the result was not the intended one. For example, if you did not mean to cause as much bodily harm as you did then a criminal lawyer can help you make a case for that.

Misdemeanor Crimes

A criminal lawyer will deal with a variety of misdemeanor crimes, which includes: using a false identification card, vandalism, prostitution, speeding and trespassing. Selecting a good quality criminal lawyer to help you with misdemeanor crimes can result in the dismissal of your case if there is not enough proof for a conviction. Therefore, choose a lawyer that is experienced with regards to the particular type of crime that you are being charged with.