Exclusive Tips: Avoiding an Unprofessional Lawyer

Posted on: 12 March 2015

Criminal defence lawyers (like those at MICHAEL WOODS & CO) work to bring the best to the table for the benefit of their clients. There are firms that do their work impressively and to the best of their ability. But not every lawyer is top notch. The solid, harsh truth is that some criminal defence lawyers can harm your case and you need to know where to draw your line. So if you've got a case and you want to have a lawyer who will fight for you till the end, then watch out for these negative factors. And then run away—fast. 

No Contract

You should be vigilant when it comes to contracts especially in the law field. Once a lawyer doesn't see the need to get you into signing contracts, then that's a huge red flag. Contracts keep everything professional, and in case of disagreements you would be in a better position to know how to solve them. You need to know what services you are paying for and how much and that is only possible when there's a contract. Ask yourself this, what happens once the lawyer demands for more payment and there's no contract?

Making Guarantees

Once a lawyer starts giving you outrageous guarantees even before you stand before a jury, then get up and leave. It's actually a violation of the code of professional conduct and can be pure fraud. A professional lawyer will give you a detailed and honest opinion as to the expected outcome of the case. Don't buy it when a lawyer claims they know the judge and can pull strings for you. Think about it, most lawyers know judges. So why would a judge risk their career just because of a single case? Moreover, why would a lawyer risk their career presenting a judge with such a proposal? It's most likely a fraudulent offer.

Once you get an attorney that can break down the work involved for you and outline a reasonable approach, then you have gotten yourself someone who can help you out.

Offering Below Cost Services

Once a lawyer offers you a price that is three times less than what others are offering, you need to be careful. Working on a case is not easy. You need to hire experts, file motions and conduct hearings and all these take a lot of time and money. If the lawyer asks for a modest amount, then you can be sure the lawyer is going to work on the case in a modest way. The lawyer may be planning on making you plead guilty. That's the only way they'll make some money out of that case.