How a Private Investigator Can Be Helpful During Your Divorce Case

Posted on: 17 September 2015

Going through a divorce is a very trying time for former spouses who now look at each other as adversaries. Such a time also strains the finances of the parties involved so you may be wondering whether you should hire a private investigator to work alongside your divorce lawyer. This article discusses the different ways through which you can benefit from the involvement of a private investigator.

Collection of Evidence of Adultery

Some people file for divorce citing adultery as the ground for their suit. Such a reason puts the onus on the person making the allegation to provide evidence that his or her partner is adulterous. A private investigator can gather this evidence for you using different techniques such as following the accused person and taking photos that prove his or her adulterous conduct. Such evidence can help you to get a better settlement in case the prenuptial agreement you signed entitled you to a lower settlement in case you applied for a divorce.

Tracking Hidden Assets

Some individuals try to shield some assets from being included on the asset list when divorce proceedings are taking place. A private investigator can help to unearth such attempts to conceal assets. For instance, he or she may collect evidence that your spouse has been transferring money to an offshore account or he or she may have paid off a fictitious loan to a friend in order to reduce the available money on his or her savings account.

Gathering Information for Use During Spousal Support Determination

Your spouse may try to downplay how much he or she earns in order to lower the sum that he or she will be ordered to pay you as spousal support. For instance, he or she can connive with his or her employer to declare that they work fewer hours than they actually do. The private investigator can gather evidence (such as previous payment records) to show that the income of your former spouse is much higher than has been declared.

Gathering Child Custody-Related Evidence

You may wish to convince the court to grant you sole custody of the kids based on your belief that your former spouse's drug abuse makes him or her unable to be a good parent. The private investigator can collect video evidence of the violent outbursts of your ex-spouse once he or she consumes drugs and that can prove that your fears are justified.

Family law is a very complex area because it deals with matters like divorce that evoke very strong emotions, so it is very important that you handle your case in a manner that shows that you are not acting out of emotion. A good family law lawyer and a private investigator can help you to handle this difficult time in a logical manner so do not hesitate to get their help.