What Expert Witnesses Do You Need During a Car Accident Case?

Posted on: 1 October 2015

Some people neglect hiring expert witnesses when their car-accident case goes to court. Such people may not know the contribution that expert witnesses make towards the successful conclusion of their case. This article discusses some expert witnesses that would provide invaluable help in case you were involved in a car accident and went to court.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Many people are so traumatised by an accident that they are unable to recount what exactly happened before, during and after the incident. Because of this fuzzy recollection, it can be difficult for a court to determine who was at fault, and how much should be awarded as damages to the victim. Accident reconstruction experts help to solve this problem by using the available evidence to reconstruct what exactly happened. For instance, they can reconstruct the chain of events based on photos of the crash scene as well as the extent of the injuries sustained (by the victims). This evidence enables the judge/jury to assess who was at fault. Such an expert witness can help you to prove that you were not at fault, so you should not be punished for the accident.

Medical Experts

These can also be extremely helpful in justifying your claim for damages. For instance, your doctor can testify and provide details of the injuries you sustained during the car accident. That testimony can indicate what your current medical bills are. The doctor can also outline the extent (and the duration) of any additional medical care that you may need before full recovery takes place. This evidence can be critical in helping the court to determine how much compensation you should be awarded to cater for your medical expenses.


You also need an economics expert to testify on your behalf. Such an expert will present evidence of how the car accident has affected (or will affect) your earning capacity. For instance, he or she can provide calculations of the income you stand to lose while you are undergoing treatment. He or she will also provide evidence showing how much you stand to lose because of not being able to work at the same level of productivity as you were performing prior to sustaining the injuries that have now limited your mobility.

It may be difficult for you to assemble these experts on your own. That is why you need to hire an experienced car accident lawyer, such as those at Dwyer Law Group. He or she will assess your case and determine which expert witnesses will be the most helpful.