3 Asbestos-Related Illnesses that May Result in the Need for Compensation

Posted on: 22 October 2018

If you were exposed unknowingly to asbestos through a rental home or through work, you may consider seeing compensation lawyers. In many cases, you may not realize you were exposed to asbestos until you are diagnosed with one of the key illnesses related to asbestos exposure. Here are three of the asbestos-related illnesses that may result from exposure to asbestos and what you need to know about their connection to the exposure for compensation purposes.


Mesothelioma is the most common illness associated with asbestos exposure. This illness is a form of cancer. It can cause chest pain, coughing, lumps of tissue in the chest area around the ribs, and unusual weight loss. If you start experiencing these issues, you may at first believe you have a chest cold or another issue. However, if you start to notice lumps, you likely will seek a physician who will do testing that leads to the diagnosis of mesothelioma. If you find that you were exposed to asbestos, you can use your doctor's visits to show the timeline of the sickness and trace it to the exposure. This may result in a case for financial compensation from the business or property manager who is responsible for the exposure.


Pleurisy is an illness that is connected to many issues, including smoking and asbestos exposure. Pleurisy is an inflammation of the lung tissue. It can cause severe coughing and extreme chest and back pain. There are different types of pleurisy as well, such as having fluid buildup or severe excesses of fluid. You may also have a buildup of gas in your system and difficulty releasing it. In severe cases, you may have a buildup of blood as well. When you begin experiencing these conditions, you may only be diagnosed with pleurisy and with treatment plans to help reduce issues. When the issues do not slow down or go away, your doctor may start testing for other things, including exposure to asbestos. If asbestos exposure is found, it can lead to a testing of your worksite or home and potential compensation. 

Lung Cancer

In severe cases of asbestos exposure, you may develop lung cancer. Lung cancer can lead to death in extreme situations. It can also lead to costly treatment plans, surgeries, and medication. When you first receive the diagnosis of lung cancer, especially if you are not a smoker, you may be confused about how it developed. If you suspect that you had exposure to asbestos, you can request a test to be done. This test is similar to the one done for pleurisy. These results, combined with the severe nature of lung cancer, can be taken to compensation lawyers for evaluation.

Once you have your medical paperwork together, visit your compensation lawyers for a consultation. They can help with questions and to determine if you have a compensation case for asbestos exposure.