Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Wills and Estates Lawyer for Your Will-Writing

Posted on: 25 October 2019

While many people don't like to think or talk about death, it is a normal part of life that nobody can escape from. If you want to make sure those you love are taken care of after your demise, you should write a will to dictate how your assets and property will be distributed. There are two main approaches to this – you can either create a will yourself or ask a wills and estates lawyer to do it for you.

While hiring a lawyer costs money, it is the wisest option for you. The following points will help to explain why.

Save Time 

While there are various DIY tools available online to make it easy for anyone to write their will, a DIY approach at will-making can be extremely time-consuming. This is because you will need to include all of your worldly possessions in your will. Plus, you might not understand the associated legal jargon when you are completing the necessary paperwork. 

Because they earn a living from writing wills for their clients, a wills and estates lawyer can create your will much faster than you would by yourself. This way, you will be left with more time to attend to other important tasks that require your time and attention.

Avoid Potential Pitfalls

As a DIYer, you might not be conversant with all of the requirements of creating a valid will. If it is found that there is a vital error in your DIY will, say you did not include witnesses in your will, then the will may be rendered invalid. Another common mistake that many people make is failing to include all their assets in their will. 

The good thing with seeking out a lawyer to write your will is that they'll ensure the entire process is done correctly the first time. This can save your family a whole lot of stress when you are no longer around.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

You can never put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes with knowing an expert is writing your will. You won't have to worry about making costly mistakes that may require you to re-write your will or render your will invalid in times of need.

When it comes to the drafting of wills, it is always best to hire a wills and estates lawyer. They can make the entire process smooth and stress-free at an affordable price.